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Nippon Koei has been the leading Japanese consulting firm for providing comprehensive services in the field of technical assistance to developing countries since its foundation in June, 1946.
Our management philosophy is "contributing to society through technology with sincerity."
As we enter the 21st century, many developing countries are attempting to integrate with the world, but face serious realities such as poverty, environmental destruction, internal political conflict, and experience problems with access to sufficient food, water resources, and energy. The answer to meeting these challenges lies not just in applying leading technologies and specialized knowledge from a variety of fields, but in integrating these skills and knowledge to devise optimal solutions. The Nippon Koei group has approximately 700 technical specialists in all the necessary fields and offers solutions to an enormous range of technical problems.
Offering comprehensive technical consulting solutions, we have been expanding our activities, taking responsibility for a number of significant and challenging projects around the world from the planning and design stages right through to managing the construction.
We fully accept our social responsibility to apply our accumulated wealth of superior technology and comprehensive management ability for the good of future generations.
Essential to life, water is at the core of a great many Nippon Koei projects. We are involved in providing services related to almost all facets of the water cycle―about the only thing we don't do is control the rainfall! We undertake comprehensive integrated water resource master plans and individual infrastructure projects for dams, water supply schemes of all types, hydro-electric power stations, and flood control. Our planners and engineers are internationally acclaimed and take pride in our company's many achievements in the water sector.
Access to cheap, clean energy is fundamental to the modernization and economic development of any aspiring nation. The study, design and construction of energy facilities, especially hydro-electric power stations, is a core strength at Nippon Koei. We have been involved in hydropower development, the original renewable energy source, since our earliest days and commenced our first overseas hydropower assignment in 1954, providing a full range of engineering services for the 84 MW Baluchaung No. 2 Hydro-electric Power Project in Myanmar. Since then we have worked on over 70 hydropower schemes, 30 of which have been carried to full completion. We have also provided services for numerous conventional energy projects and are currently very active in the field of emerging technologies for renewable energy.
Urban & Regional Development
Economic development goes hand-in-hand with urban expansion and enhancement of infrastructure. Moreover, modernization often occurs against a backdrop of ancient culture and rich architectural heritage. In such settings it is absolutely essential that development plans are able to preserve the best of the past while creating modern and vibrant futures. With this awareness, Nippon Koei undertakes urban and regional development with multi-disciplinary teams of urban and social planners, architects, environmental experts, and engineers.
In today’s modern world, the technology used in transportation has reached dizzying heights of complexity. Even so, relatively simple infrastructure, such as a new road or bridge, can still bring profound and far-reaching social and economic benefits. Regardless of a project’s technological complexity or socio-economic context, Nippon Koei holds the keys to delivering the right transportation solutions for a diverse array of customers anywhere in the world.
Agricultre & Rural Development
In the developing world, countless numbers of people and communities are directly dependent on the land for survival; so too are their hopes and aspirations for economic growth and advancement. Nippon Koei has been working with such people and communities in agricultural and rural development for over 40 years, raising living standards through well over 100 projects in more than 30 countries around the globe.
Our multi-disciplinary focus and genuine desire to make a positive impact wherever we work makes it only natural that we should be a provider of the highest quality environmental consulting services available today. Through all our projects we seek to strike the ideal balance between development, poverty alleviation, and environmental care.

Nippon Koei environmental specialists cover a wide range of fields, from soil, forest, and biological scientists to waste management and pollution control engineers. The depth and breadth of our expertise allows us to provide environmental solutions for world heritage wildernesses and urban slums alike; from watershed management planning to construction of sanitary landfills, we've got the environment covered.
Climate Change
There is no more compelling environmental issue facing the world today than global warming. Resulting from the excessive emission of greenhouse gases, global warming is predicted to cause rises in ocean levels and major climatic shifts, possibly within the next 50 to 100 years. The potential effects on mankind are far-reaching, ranging from loss of coastal land and island states to desertification and large changes in the global balance of food supply and demand.
Information & Communication Technology
As a technology-focused company, Nippon Koei has much to offer clients who are seeking to maximize the benefits of modern information and communication technology (ICT). We recommend the most appropriate strategies for enhancing ICT access and utilization based on the specific socioeconomic and technological conditions prevailing within any specific domain (whether country, organization, or sector). We hope to bridge the digital divide between rich and poor, urban and rural, East and West.
Geosphere Engineering
The geosphere is the solid earth―the continental and oceanic crust and the Earth's interior. Ultimately mankind is totally dependent upon the geosphere: we grow our food in it, obtain water from it, extract minerals and energy from it, and put our buildings and infrastructure in it and on it. We are also at its mercy, as it can release powerful forces in the form of earthquakes, volcanoes, geysers and more. Nippon Koei has a talented team of geologists and earth science engineers who fully understand the geosphere and who are dedicated to providing the highest possible standard of excellence in geosphere engineering.
Geosphere Engineering
At Nippon Koei we have dedicated teams of highly trained specialists who apply a state-of-the-art process approach to project and program management. Our team ensures that systems and procedures are followed and constantly subjects them to review and improvement. This robust process approach to project and program management reflects Nippon Koei’s strength as a total solution provider.

We place the customer first and apply a strong teamwork approach in providing managerial support to all programs and projects entrusted to us. Drawing upon the full resources of our company group, we deliver quality solutions and build enduring relationships with our customers.
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